The Gaius Trust will advance the Christian faith by supporting work that aims to:

  1. Spread the Christian Gospel among indigenous people groups through evangelism, teaching and counselling.
  2. Bring indigenous believers to Christian maturity through teaching and counselling.
  3. Encourage the establishment of local churches with beliefs compatible with the doctrinal basis of the Trust.
  4. Assist indigenous churches and groups of believers to assume increasing responsibility in reaching out to, and teaching, their own people.
  5. Assist with training an effective indigenous ministry leadership.

Where appropriate we support holistic ministries such as education, training, development, relief and care programs to help achieve the above objects.

Gaius Trust Data Policy

1. The Trust holds details of subscribers to newsletters/communications, and donors.

2.  We only hold the details of subscribers for the purpose of sending newsletters and prayer information.  Subscriber details are held on a spreadsheet on a password protected device, with email details being held securely on the Gaius Trust email service.  

3.  Subscribers and donors who wish to view, amend, or remove the details we hold, can request this at any time by emailing us with a request. 

4.  Donor details are kept securely, in line with financial, Charity Commission, and HMRC rules.  They are used only for the purposes of processing donations, claiming Gift Aid, and contacting donors.

5.  The Trust does not sell or pass data to third parties.

July 2018